Za sat vremena od ovoga umre šestoro!


Na svakih sat vremena od kardiovaskularnih bolesti premine šest ljudi, a neslavna statistika svrstala je našu zemlju...

  • Nikola Trifunović dipl. ing geofizike 

    U ovom Asian Journal of Medical Science (cardiovascular diseases) pronađite rad: ,,ANOMALOUS MAGNETIC FIELD INTENSITIES – ARTHEROSCLEROSIS CAUSE,, auora Nikola Trifunović¹ and Vladislav Čizmić² čiji je ABSTRACT Humans are born, live and die in natural Earth magnetic field (EMF). Anomalous EMF - anomalous zones (Az) are harmful for them. Ischemic diseases are most frequent death (56%) and invalidity (85%) causes. Atherosclerosis (At) appearance mechanism is unknown. Aim: Magnetic (M) fields measuring to find correlation between Az and disease location. Move the diseased from Az and observe condition. Explain: diabetics' predestination for cardiovascular diseases; at etiopathogenesis obscurities. Give the at cause conclusion. Methods: Several decades’ research included 560 patients both sexes, age 40-60, heart infarct, brain infarct, blood vessels atherosclerosis, aneurism and thick veins, according to the International Disease Classification (IDC-10). M field measuremens of beds with protonic magnetometer and compass "Brunton". Patients moved into natural EMF, health conditions observed. The medical parameters observed. Results: Correlation between Az and disease location confirmed, (20 cases presented). Health conditions results after staying in natural EMF observeo – results are spectacular no recidives and laboratory findings normal. Third group - At literature theoretical obscurities explained. Conclusion: At cause is Az in dwelling places. The greatest help to patients and doctors is locating patients into natural EMF. Key words: Anomalous zone, atherosclerosis, Earth magnetic field. Posle razumevanja ovog rada mnogo će biti jasno zašto su ove bolesti pošast za ljude

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