Može i ovako! (FOTO, VIDEO)


Hit na Instagramu, a nije "plastična"!

Može i ovako! (FOTO, VIDEO) Foto: Instagram/rumenabegum

Rumena Begum je blogerka iz Velike Britanije, koju na Instagramu prati skoro pola miliona ljudi.

Rumena je, prenose ostrvski mediji, retka Instagram "faca" koja pažnju nije privukla golišavim fotografijama i provokativnim stajlingom.

Ova lepa brineta, poreklom iz Bangladeša, proslavila se tutorijalima za šminkanje i drugim video sadržajima prikladnim za sve pratioce.

Danas slavi 27. rođendan, upoznajte je!

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I don’t know why I’m uploading this now but oh well! Makeup deets below ladies: Face: @elfcosmetics Poreless Primer @koparibeauty Coconut oil @shop_101rumena Golden Syrup Highlight Palette @lorealmakeup Infallible Freshwear Foundation @lorealmakeup Infallible Concealer @toofaced Peach perfect setting powder @toofaced Cocoa contour palette @toofaced I will always love you blush Eyes: @shop_101rumena Hazelnut Haze Eyeshadow Palette @topshop Lashes @rimmellondonuk Glam Eyes Liquid Liner Lips: @hudabeautyshop @hudabeauty Lip Bullet in shade ‘Interview’ I’ll be posting more videos like this on Instagram In’Sha’Allah love you guysss #hudabeauty #hudabeautypowerbullet #hudakattan #hudabeautyshop #toofaced #lorealinfallible #elfcosmetics #101rumena #koparibeauty

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Just some random facts about me: Fact no:1 If my eyeliner is not on point I'm not leaving the house till it is! Fact no:2 I accidentally swallowed a fish bone and it was stuck in my throat for 3 days Fact no:3 I slammed the front door shut on my aunts faces because there was a hugeee moth flying next to them & I do not invite moths to the house haha! Fact no:4 I had a bad electric shock with the blow dryer and I had to go to the hospital for an ECG scan! Fact no:5 I ironed clothes on top of my sisters thigh coz I was so tired in the morning Fact no:6 most of you might know this but I filed my teeth with a nail filer such an epic story looool Fact no:7 I also slapped my sister whilst we were asleep because she was beating me up in my dream! Fact no:8 I ran into the college doors and split my head open and I was laughing about it Fact no:9 At uni I was bike riding with my best friend and I hit a bus and then a taxi & broke his mirror! Fact no:10 When I block a hater on Instagram I also report them for drug use loooool! Hopefully I made you laugh love you all

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