LeBron i "Durentula" napravili hit pesmu! (VIDEO)


"Nije lako", pevaju velike zvezde svetske košarke u pesmi koja je već postala hit.

Mnogi američki košarkaši odrastali su uz rep muzički žanr, mnogi od njih su i učestvovali u spotovima rep mutičara i bendova, ima i onih koji su se oprobali u muzičkim vodama.

A to su učinili i Lebron Džejms i Kevin Durent koji su snimili pesmu "It Ain't Easy".

Reč je, zapravo, o pesmi koja je originalno snimljena 2011. godine tokom NBA lokauta, a Džejms i Durent su došli u studio u Klivlendu da je snime. Sada su producenti presnimili pesmu sa originalnim glasovima dvojice košarkaša i "izbacili" je na tržište.

Izvor: YouTube/Basketball Hoops



I cut me, I'll bleed out dedication, hard work, sacrifice, meditation
I meditate upon a goal that I'm trying to reach
Grinding all day to the top, and I ain't tryna' sleep
I come and get me (come and get me)
I'm an animal, cutting through your brain like I'm mothaf***in' Hannibal
And now I'm grown up, I got a couple dollars on me
Spent a semester in school, I ain't no scholar homie
Who with me? (Who with me?)

Them dudes with me, shoot with me
Pacin' on your ass like Jamaal Tinsley
I'mma lap, uh, twice before he get around
Relaxin' in the seats of this Benz, that's how I get around
I got the money, but that's the root to all evil
I stayed the same, but it's changing all the wrong people
Yeah, uh, and every hater all the same
I'm feelin' like the world is Skip Bayless, and I'm LeBron James
Look, now I got a body full of tattoos
Everybody say that I'm changing, that is not true
Same dude that you met a couple years ago
Talk to the heart, and you can see past the visual
Look, sticking to the game, and I ain't out of bounds
Maryland on my back and I can carry it when I'm out of town
I say, Maryland on my back and yeah I can carry it when I'm out of town 


You think that it's easy, no, no, no
What I go through
What I go through
You think that it's easy, easy, no, no
What I go through
What I go through


Uh, it ain't easy, on the path I'm on
Put the world on my back, 'cause I'm that strong
Long journey I been on from the very start
No way I die off, with this iron heart
No chance to make it out, that's what they said
Well look at me I'm here, boss of the spread
From 602, to 747s, I miss you grandma Freda, RIP in heaven
Say what you want 'bout me, but leave the family 'lone
I'll call the goons up and have them freshen up your chromes
I love my goons, and uh, they up in my heart
'Cause they been down with King James from the very start
Single parent, just moms, dad gone
It's all good pops, you made a kid strong
Ain't no way you can stop this kid
Momma, momma knew was a star from the baby bib
I had to make it out, no other option
Now ain't a- in the world, uh, that I ain't coppin'
Yo ya'll ready know what it is, uh
Now let me just spread my wings, while ya'll listen to the voice of this hook sing


You think that it's easy, no, no, no
What I go through
What I go through
You think that it's easy, easy, no, no
What I go through
What I go through


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